It seems like the beginning of all my blog posts begin this way: Katie has been very sick. In fact, it’s quite possible that she’s never been this sick before, and that really is saying something. The last few months Katie has been travelling on a steep downward spiral. Our prayer is that she has now reached the bottom. The idea of her getting worse doesn’t bare thinking of.

Kate has struggled with abdominal pain for over six months. It began after she was taken into hospital in March, and has since existed as an underlying problem. Over the last ten days, however, the pain has escalated dramatically. It has kept Katie in bed, constantly, for the whole ten days. It’s stopping her eating, she’s had sleepless nights, and standing up has felt like a pipe dream for our chronic fighter.

You’ll all be glad to hear that she is doing just that: fighting. Katie fights to stay positive, she fights to find achievement in even her worst days and she is fighting to get better.

Katie is the kind of person who gets bored very easily. She can’t sit still and do nothing. That’s why she spends endless hours doing crafts, or writing, when she’s too sick to get out of bed. Sometimes, however, she’s so sick that even these things are beyond her. That’s how you know she’s really ill, because she won’t be doing anything. This is what the last ten days have been like for her. The vast majority of the time, when she’s actually been awake (which sometimes has only been a few hours a day), she’s been unable to do anything.

I must emphasise that I really mean that she hasn’t been doing anything at all. It’s hard to understand what that’s like until you’ve actually had to do it for such a long period of time.

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. This week we’re going back to visit our parents. We haven’t been back since Christmas so, even though Katie will spend most of the time in bed, we’re very much looking forward to it. Even a week in a new bed will be better for Katie, who must be sick to death of the four walls around her.

As for me, I’ve just finished my exams so I’m looking forward to some rest and relaxation before the new academic year begins in September. Hopefully I’ll also manage to get some writing done too. You might now that I write my own blog, and write for the Huffington Post. Let’s just say that, if you do follow me, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve given up. The river has run dry lately. Hopefully this break will give me the time I need to start afresh.

While it might be a week or two before Katie posts again, don’t forget that you can leave comments at any time and you can follow her on social media. As always, she would love to hear from you. If you know us personally then jigsaw puzzles, audio books and DVDs are always well received . As you can imagine, she’s worn a whole in all of ours so it would be a great help if you could lend some to her.

This blog post was written by Paul Davies.