I’m back! Well actually, Paul and I came back to Cardiff over a month ago, but we’ve been buried under applications and assessments for various types of support and financial help we’re been trying to access. On top of this Paul came down with some kind of flu-type illness which knocked him for six, so it’s been a bit of a juggling act the last few weeks. Thankfully, all of this stuff has come after Paul’s exams, otherwise we’d never have coped.

One thing that has become painfully obvious to me in the last couple of weeks of being almost completely housebound is just how much I rely on the Internet. I have no idea why it’s taken me quite so long to realise this fact, I am a blogger after all, but now that the revelation has hit, I feel I owe my undying devotion to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


It’s not just that most of the time all I can manage at the moment is watching telly and movies online, or that I use the Internet for blogging, but for the most part it’s my window into the outside world. I am able to manage a few social visits, but not for very long, and they leave me completely drained, so the Internet is the main way I socialise. It is also have I have begun to get to know other people in similar positions to me. I use Facebook not just to keep track with existing friends, but also get to know new ones through crafting groups. I do all of my shopping online now, and without the Internet, I’m not sure how else I would manage to find out about any developments in the treatment of M.E. and Fibromyaglia. I could go on, but I sense that you get the point.

Since Paul is also stuck at home looking after the vast majority of the time, he uses the internet almost as much as me, we need a good internet connection to deal with all this traffic. You can often hear either P or I groaning at how long something is taking to load. I hate taking over an hour to watch 30 minutes of video because of continually having to wait for it to buffer. I have come to loathe that little loading circle. The problem is that good internet, at an affordable rate, is tough to find. Everyone claims to have top speeds but, in my experience, they usually don’t deliver. That’s why when I jumped at the chance to trial BT Infinity when I was contacted by a PR company recently. I can’t wait to let you know how I get on, but in the meantime, I want to share with you an offer that BT is currently running for students. You can find details of the offer below, but be sure to be quick because you only have until the 31st of October to take advantage of this amazing deal.

I’d love to hear about your own internet experiences, and what you use the internet for.

Love Katie x


Start the student year with savings thanks to two new BT Student 9 month package deals

BT InfinityWith the University year steadily upon us, BT’s Student 9 month broadband packages that have been recently unveiled include the BT Unlimited Student Broadband & Calls deal for only £16 per month and Unlimited Weekend Calls for just £20 per month.  Both deals have “totally unlimited” broadband, with no download limits on usage.

With the value and benefits of both BT deals outweighing their competitors by not only offering the calls and downloads, but BT Sport.

“Ultimate entertainment package to be won”

With a 9-month contract, students can reap the money saving rewards and not have to worry about subscribing for unused time.  BT is offering this money saving deal to the millions of students living in shared houses across the UK.

Once signed up, students can enter the prize draw to win an “Ultimate entertainment package” There are five packages to be won. Each prize consists of the following:

  •  Nine month student Unlimited BT Broadband and Unlimited Weekend Calls (or Unlimited BT Infinity if available in the winner’s area) subscription, including all activation and delivery charges
  • A Samsung PS43F4500 43” Plasma TV
  • A Samsung HT-F4500 BluRay Theatre System 5.1 (black)
  • An Xbox 360 S Console 250Gb HDD, a Nikon Coolpix S9050 Digital Camera (compact, 12.1 Mpx, 15.5x optical zoom)
  • X4 Apple iPod Shuffles (4th Generation September 2012, 2Gb, Silver)
  • £300.00 Sainsbury’s voucher


 Student broadband price comparison chart

BT Unlimited Student Broadband & Calls

Virgin Media 30Mb Student Broadband

Sky Unlimited Broadband & Calls

Talk Talk Totally Unlimited Broadband

Plusnet Essentials


Up to 16 Mb

Up to 30 Mb

Up to 16 Mb

Up to 14 Mb

up to 16Mb

Usage limits






Calls package

Weekend calls AND includes BT Sport


Weekend calls

Evening & weekend calls

Evening and weekend calls

Total Monthly cost






Total first year cost

(£16.00 x 9) = £144.00

(£22.50 x 9) + £49.95 set-up fee = £252.45

(£5.00 x 12) + (£14.50 x 12) = £234.00

(£3.75 x 12) + (£15.40 x 12) = £229.80

(£8.49 x 12) + (£25) = £126.88

Coupled with the savings, the BT Package deals will enable students to be able to access Internet when visiting home by benefiting from BT’s estate of wi-fi hotspots.

BT’s student broadband will be available online only at www.bt.com/student.


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