agensbobet888 said David De Gea agreed to renew his contract with Manchester United till 2023

For Manchester United supporters around the world, this information is going to delight your day, said agensbobet888. It is big news that you have been waiting for. David De Gea has made his choice. He agreed to sign a new contract with Manchester United. He wants to stay and to support this club again. It is his third term in this club. This news was launched yesterday to public through social media and several sport magazine and newspaper. Gea will stay in Old Trafford until the next four years. The contrast will lasts in 2023. In his interview, De Gea said that the opportunity to continue his career at Manchester United is a genuine honor. He is willing to show his commitment for repaying his fans of all good care during his ups and downs during his football career, says agensbobet888. 

Manchester United has become a home for De Gea. He wrote on his official account at Twitter that “there is no place like home” with a love sign yesterday. He also attached a short video of Manchester United within his update. This post was up yesterday on September 16, 2019. It gained multiple reactions world widely. More than eighty five thousand people loved his post. There are nineteen thousand twitter users re-tweeted this update with some supportive comments. David De Gea also added Proud and Happy with a picture of Manchester United team in his next update. Furthermore, agensbobet888 also shared similar information. It replied Gea’s update with a warm welcome. It wrote David De Gea is here to stay. 

Manchester United has been worried about Gea’s contract since last year. The negotiation process was long enough. It took approximately two years to convince him to stay with Manchester United. There were some rise and down regarding the deal between Manchester United and De Gea. The offer got some improvement last July. The decision was taken. David De Gea decided to continue his long-term future to the club. This contrast renewal is good news for this legend football club. Both parties have dealt to work together again. Manchester United with De Gea participation has a plan to take his position again in the upcoming football tournament, says agensbobet888.

David De Gea is famous goalkeeper for Manchester United. He comes from Spain. He joined this club eight years ago. His performance in the field never fails to amaze supporter and viewers. De Gea is amazing stop-shooter. He is a Spanish professional player that has a nice career in Europe. He becomes one of the best goalkeepers in the world according to Ashley Young. His role in Manchester United is vital. In his country, De Gea also supports the national team of Spain as a goalkeeper. He was born in Madrid. De Gea made his initial career in football when he was thirteen years old. Then he was recruited to join a club. His senior career debut occurred in 2009. David De Gea failed to join Real Madrid last September 2015. He was unable to submit some documents that cost him a transfer cancelation in the end, says agensbobet888. 

In his new contract, David de Gea received a good offer. He gets some increasing salary than his previous contract. He manages to become the most expensive player in the Manchester United. The deals give him a round two hundred and fifty thousand pounds for every week. It is much higher compared to other players. Paul Pogba has a lower salary than David de Gea. Manchester United put a huge hope for David De Gea in this contract, says agensbobet888. This club hopes that David de Gea could maintain and improve his performance better than last tournament. Gea experienced a low performance previously in the Premier League. He failed to stop the shoot four times. Therefore, Manchester United had to loss in those several games.  

Before signing a contract with Manchester United in 2011, David De Gea was a player All along the journey of De Gea’s football career with Manchester United; he already contributed to make this club won for numerous tournaments. David De Gea played nearly two hundred and sixty seven games with Manchester United. He presented multiple championships to this club.  Prior this new contract news, De Gea received some speculations. One of them stated that he is linked with a transfer to Juventus. In other source mentioned him for getting transfer to Paris Saint Germain or PSG. With this new contract, De Gea will serve Manchester United for almost thirteen years, said agensbobet888.

David De Gea will require performing a new role in his new contract at Manchester United. De Gea has always been aiming to be the captain for Manchester United. He already brought Manchester United to win the Premier League in his second season. He believed that he has more to achieve if he becomes leader and works together with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, this club does not capable to provide him for his preference. He did not get what wanted. The captain’s armband is not officially for De Gea anyway. There is a Spaniard who does this responsibility to lead this red devil. De Gea wants to impart his experience to the next generation. Eventually, he had a bumper new deal for around 78 million pounds, says agensbobet888.

There are several interesting points that will not surprise you regarding the new contract of David De Gea. The first one, Manchester United had confident that De Gea will be happily sign a new contract with them. This confidence has been showed up since July. In Premier League history, the new contract of De Gea is believed to be the highest one ever. His salary includes some bonuses will reach point at 375.000 pounds for a week. Manchester United will not cut his salary for unable to bring this club passed the Liga Champions this year. Moreover, Manchester United claims De Gea as their most valuable player after Christian Erikson from Tottenham. The market value for De Gea reaches 58,5 Million Pounds according to Transfermarkt website. With this value, David De Gea stands at the fifth position of the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, says agensbobet888.