New ibcbet Updates of Manchester United 2019

Almost everyone in the whole world knows about Manchester United, said ibcbet. For those who are not familiar with soccer, Manchester United is one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. This soccer club is known for its great performance and the player. If you are new to soccer and you want to know more about Manchester United news, then you need to keep on reading this ibcbet article.

The first Manchester United news is their match against Leicester City. As we all know at ibcbet, last week, Manchester United competed against Leicester City. David De Gea, the goalkeeper of Manchester United, stated that he is quite satisfied with their victory. David De Gea sure that this victory will be the turning point of Manchester United in this season. For those who are asking what is happening in Manchester United, here is the thing, Manchester United failed to win in their three last soccer matches in the EPL event before their winning in Old Trafford.

Against Leicester City in Old Trafford, Manchester United succeed in winning the match. They succeed in toppling the host by 1-0, thanks to the penalty of Marcus Rashford. De Gea believed that their winning against Leicester City will be their turning point because this victory is very vital for them. Moreover, Leicester City is known as a strong soccer team, so by succeeding in toppling this soccer team, Manchester United also succeed in boosting their confidence for this season. As they stated, this victory against a strong team such as Leicester City is a great result for them. As they went compete against Leicester City, they admitted that Leicester City played greatly and continuously score a goal. As their confidence increased after competing against Leicester City, they also stated that this victory proved that Manchester United is worth to be considered and they want to play well to win the match, said ibcbet.

Besides stating that their victory against Leicester City boosts up their confidence, De Gea also stated that from now on, Manchester United will start to evolve to become a strong and undefeatable soccer team. De Gea stated that their number of conceded showed that they are already evolving. In fact, they can get many clean sheets but they start to hold more tightly than the last season. De Gea stated all of that after their winning against Leicester City as Manchester United is finally ranked fourth in standings meanwhile on the EPL event, Manchester United got eight points in total, said ibcbet.

The second Manchester United news is about their improvement. The goalkeeper of Manchester United, David De Gea finally giving a statement regarding the condition of his team at the moment. De Gea admitted that Manchester United has become more stable and stronger than when they are in the last season. For those who are not familiar with what is happening in the last season, here is the thing. The last season became the worse season for Manchester United. The team can only get into rank six in standings at the end of the EPL event after appearing inconsistently throughout the season, said ibcbet.

The reason why Manchester United appeared poorly in the last season was because of their bad defense. They were only able to get 7 clean sheets in the last season where they got conceded in 54 times from 38 matches. De Gea assured that, right now, Manchester United has already shown a better performance. De Gea stated that his team has already evolved in terms of defense. His statement then supported by the progress of Manchester United in this season where they received a total of 2 clean sheets from 5 matches in the early of this season. With this progress, De Gea believed that Manchester United can become a team that once again being respected in Europe and England. As De Gea stated that, Manchester United now has many great players in the offensive line and they will keep on improving. De Gea stressed that Manchester United will keep on improving their performance gradually so that the team will get stronger. De Gea also stated that the team wants to be the one who dominates the game and also lead the game. De Gea believed if they do such a thing, Manchester United will be able to win many matches, said ibcbet.

The last thing that you need to know in this Manchester United news is about their next soccer match. For those who are huge fans of Manchester United, you can see their match in Europe League on Friday, September 20th, 2019 at early in the morning. Manchester United will face against the representative of Kazakhstan, Astana, in Old Trafford. This is the news that you need to know about Manchester United this month. For those who are the huge fans of Manchester United, keep on supporting the team so that they will get stronger every day.